As per the study done by Deloitte, 

49% of Millennials are likely to leave the job within 2 years.
70% of the millenials feel that they are not ready for the Industry.

Also, as per the survey held in 2016, 

Only 13% of workers in the industry work with passion.

Aren’t these numbers alarming? We are moving towards a future where the youth is not passionate about their work, not ready for what they will be doing and are so unsatisfied with their jobs that they want to leave within 2 years.

Samarthya wants to open a gate for conversation with the youth about their doubts, giving space for what they have in mind to give them a platform for self-expression. The programs also aim to help students getting their Mentors for the profession they want to opt for. It is only a conversation that can help us opening doors which were locked for years.