How Hunger impacts your life?

How Hunger Impacts Your Life - A part of Samarthya Corporate Training Program

This blog is a part of the series of “Samarthya Corporate Training” sessions. Hunger is the most important part of a living being. Hunger makes people live on the earth. Hunger makes Earth what it is today. Animals have only one type of hunger, hunger for food. We as humans, cleared off this hunger by social developments and made finger licking food available literally at the tap of our fingers. But, it was only the human mind, that was able to generate different types of hunger other than food. Of course, examples are not needed as we aren’t hungry just for foods. We all are hungry for other things as well. So, I asked the question to some of the volunteers about hunger. Here are the outcomes of some of the important part of the human quality : Hunger

What hungers you have in your life other than food?

There were several answers, the most common hungers were money, sex & recognition. Also, I found interesting that people were dicey about their hungers. If it is a good one or not? This actually signifies that we, the people do have hunger which we generally feel is not acceptable in our society. I really appreciate them for opening their hearts with me. It takes courage to do so. Hunger means to fuel our soul so that we can live gracefully.

How does hunger shows up in life?

Well, that was a good question. People shared how they judge each and every thing to see if their hunger’s being fulfilled. This question actually summed that hunger plays an important role in our life.

There is literally 0 task we do that does not satisfy our hunger.

There’s always a satisfaction of one of our hungers in all the actions we perform in our lives.

Can we create new hungers in our lives?

All of the volunteers replied as “YES” for the question. We can create new hungers in our lives. A stupid question, isn’t it? But that is something inter-looped. I am hungry for Pasta because I am hungry for food. The newly generated hunger must have it’s root to existing hunger. Can we create a hunger that has no roots/relatedness within us? That’s an intriguing question actually.

How to create a new Hunger?

Well that’s not a question that was being asked. But a way to be derived. As we know that new hungers cannot exist independently. They must have roots to existing hungers. So, in order to generate a new hunger, we must know what our existing hungers are. These are our weak points. Because all our actions, likes, dislikes, etc. are dependent on them. The new hunger must have a relation with the existing one. The best and the toughest method is “Burning The Ships!”

Leave yourself no choice but to win the war!

Hungers are powerful. They can make miracles happen. You can’t succeed until you have that “Easy Escape” door open.

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  1. Well I’m not human eater🤪😊
    Yes I am hungry to find my self and help the peoples.And I have to overcome the challenge of the world and find myself .I want to make a small identity in this whole world with lots of love and help.

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