Samarthya program is aimed to get the CLARITY on the career for students. The sessions keep an inquisitive mode for students on different aspects of the career they want to pursue. The career experts guide them all the way to their dream jobs.

The program was initially developed by Akshit Arora and Tanvi Rohatgi and laid foundation for Samarthya and it’s vision. Samarthya is now looking forward for a complete 7 year training program consisting 14 different modules starting from 8th class till graduation in students’ life. The program is aimed to help students finding an answer on why and how can they look for their particular career. There are also career domain wise programs developed as per the needs of the audience.

Modules Of Samarthya

  1. Find Your Passion: In this training, the student will be to distinguish his/her passions in life. The works that give them the ultimate joy. Recommended for students of standard IX.
  2. Passion V/s Career: A very rigorous session that helps students to identify which of their passions can be their successful career. At the end of this session, the student will get clarity on which passions to follow, the key factors that lead a successful career and setting effective and achievable goals for the future. Recommended for students of standard IX.
  3. Building Your Structure: After the end of this training, the student will be able to manage their time and resources effectively. The training also delivers fail-proof technologies for time management & concentration which is being created and used by successful people worldwide. Recommended for students of standard X.
  4. Know your Energy Vampires & Generators: At the end of this session, the student will be able to enhance and conserve their energy and concentration to attain better results in their goals. The training also includes yogic technologies to help removing the clutters in mind. Recommended for students of standard X.
  5. Being Social Animal: This training opens a view for the students about humanity and it’s diversity. The training will help students to learn how to work in groups and achieve the goals set. The training helps students to learn many skills like public speaking, leadership, service, handling the egos, management, etc. Recommended for students of standard XI.
  6. How Investment Works: This training is designed by highly experienced financial advisors and teaches the use of money and the role it plays in human lives. At the end of this training, the student will be able to predict better returns on their investments, be it money, time or other important resources. Recommended for students of standard XI.
  7. Performance Boosters: This training will help students to deliver maximum performance under any situations. The training also provides access to yogic and psychological technologies to achieve maximum possible results for the goals set. Recommended for students of standard XII.
  8. Living Your Dream: The course will provide psychological technologies that will help student to have the glimpse of their passion of life and will start making their dreams and goals into reality. The course will make students deterministic, doubtless and fearless. Recommended for students of standard XII.
  9. Know Your World: The training will help students to understand the basic structure of their worlds, both psychological and geological. This course will teach students to identify and remove the obstacles in the path of their goal. Recommended for students of first year of graduation.
  10. Power Of Language: The course will train the students to use various effective NLP Technologies in their lives to achieve great results using language. Recommended for students of first year of graduation.
  11. The Purpose of Life: The course will help students answer the most important question of one’s life: Why are we on Earth? The training contains some rigorous exercises and tools that can provide clarity to students so that they can discover and create their purpose of life. Recommended for students of second year of graduation.
  12. Expanding Limits: The course will help students to learn how to expand themselves and achieve the goals that seem beyond reach. The training will train students to give their best performances under highest pressures and worst circumstances possible. Recommended for students of second year of graduation.
  13. Helping Hands: The training will help students build networking, putting up their steps in the fields of their desired goal. The training enables student to declare their value in the market to achieve a great start of career. Recommended for students of third year of graduation.
  14. Mock Interviews: A training built by highly experienced HR managers, enabling students to present themselves effectively and crack interviews with minimum possible adjustments on their goals.

Why Samarthya Session?

As per the study done by Deloitte, 61% of Millennials are likely to leave the job within 2 years. 29% of the millenials feel that they are not ready for the Industry.
Also, as per the survey held in 2016, only 13% of workers work with passion. Aren’t these numbers alarming? We are moving towards a future where the youth is not passionate about their work, not ready for what they will be doing and are so unsatisfied with their jobs that they want to leave within 2 years.

Samarthya and Ekam want to open a gate for conversation with the youth about their doubts, giving space for what they have in mind to give them a platform for self-expression. The programs also aim to help students getting their Godfather for the profession they want to opt for. It is only a conversation that can help us opening doors which were locked for years.

Benefits of Samarthya

  1. Aware & Informed Youth with a great clarity on what, how and when to follow their dream careers.
  2. Youth skilled enough that they are Industry ready right after their college.
  3. The students aim to the job with a sense and clarity for what they are looking for. Hence, they are aimed for satisfaction at the very first day of their career.
  4. Highly skilled and experienced mentors helping the students to build their dream career.

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Conduct Samarthya Session in your Institute

Samarthya Sessions are recommended for students of class 8th. There is no fees for Samarthya sessions.

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