5 Pros & Cons of Making your Passion a Career

5 Pros & Cons on Making your Passion a Career.

We used to have different hobbies during our school times. There were some hobbies just because our friend was doing, others were because our parents/friends had those and we used to accompany them. But what if we make our passion a full time career?

I have a friend who’s working in a Fortune 500 MNC IT company in Gurugram, and she is an amazing artist. I have seen her paintings, pottery work and they are as good as one of those what my other friend makes it professionally. The other one took her hobby into her full time job. Of course, the pro artist friend is earning a little less than the MNC friend. But there were some differences which made me think the variations each of them has. It’s not “Good” or “Bad“! It’s just the choices we make in our lives. So, I gave some time to think upon and noted some key differences when you choose your Passion/Hobby as your full time career.

There is no specific order as pros or cons because it is upto the reader if they take the point as a PRO or a CON.

People working on their passions are on lesser number of leaves than the others.

When you work on your passion, you never get tired. You may need a break to cool yourself though. But you never wait for “Weekends”. You love being on your job. As Devdutt Pattnaik says in one of his book, Business Sutra, It is a Rangbhoomi (Play-stage), where you are at ease, not Rannbhoomi (Battle-field) where there is a tension and stress. (you can get the reference video here.) . But although it’s a rangbhoomi, it doesn’t mean it has no stress. It’s just that the Rangbhoomi is not in a constant competition to win the war.

People working on their passion have more ups and downs in their lives.

This is something a controversial statement. But it’s true. If you want to choose an easy life, with not much breakdowns, please choose a job which is not your passion. When you work on your passion, you take each and every problem personally. You just can’t let go the things. Because while working on what we like, we want everything perfect, somewhere the work is our own reflection.

People working on their passion think more often to quit.

This again is something very controversial. The pro. passion people keep trying taking everything personally on their jobs. So, this feeling is obvious for them. The levels of frustration, stress is totally different. But, somewhere deep within they know, the only relief to their stress is the thing that is giving them stress. They feel to quit more often. But generally they don’t.

People with passion in their work fail often.

People working on their passions keep on ignoring risks involved and end up with the failures or results not as per the expectations. This is not always true though, but most of the time, yes. It takes a fire within to keep walking in extreme risks.

Job satisfaction rate is higher in case of people who work on their passion.

Even though the lives of the people working on passions are tougher than the others, they are satisfied with their jobs. They have higher energy levels through out the day and week as compared to the other community at work.

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