10 Beliefs that impact your work.

10 beliefs that impact your work

So, we at Samarthya, started taking reviews from the people asking them if their beliefs affect their professional life? The results we got were as-expected but alarming. The answer was always a “Yes”. So, came the next question, HOW your beliefs impact your work? We’ve listed top 10 beliefs for you.

Self Belief

 It is very important that what you think about yourself impacts a lot at your work. We’ve had a conversation with people who had low self-esteem and they agreed that they are not giving the output as expected because they feel that they are “not good enough”, either in their personal life or professional life. In both the cases, their belief was making an impact on their work. They were more stressed, less happy with their jobs, giving less output (as they have told). It was also noted during our day-to-day lives, if something happened that degraded our self-image, it impacted directly at our health and concentration at work. One of our guests shared their experience over a video.

Shortage of time

This was found as one of the most popular belief as well. the people shared that they could have achieved a lot more, if they got enough time for the things. However, they did agreed the fact that they are not serious enough and using this belief as an excuse. We also got approval from a volunteer to share his experience on this belief. You can read his experience on our  Medium Page.

Past Failures/Accidents

Sometimes, our past experiences also set certain beliefs for us. As per a conversation with a person, he shared his experience about why he never wanted to be in Management because of his past experience with office politics. He shared that he know he has to get over it, but it’s hard for him.

Disbelief on superiors

That was one of the most common belief among the people. When asked about their reviews for their superior, most of them said that they don’t like their boss, or the policy makers of the company. When asked, they all agreed to the fact that working with such a belief gives dissatisfaction for their work. Can this also be a fact because of always-dark-tinted image of bosses in the corporates? We really need to get this question answered.

Community Beliefs

“I cannot grow because the people around me don’t want to grow at all.” These were the exact words of a senior Legal Consultant when we were having a discussion over the topic. When asked from other people if they feel the same, after a pause, they agreed… While having a word with a person who shifted from a different state, shared that the energy level of the people differs completely from where he is from. He cannot expect the level of productivity he gives at his current place, at his hometown. He is so firm on the idea that his productivity depends a lot on the place he is working.

Learning Mode

This belief was mostly seen in the people who are in their fields from 5-15 years. They felt that they are learning new things. While some were advancing to their domains, most of them were learning about management. They shared that sometimes they don’t take considerable actions because they feel that they are “Not Good Enough Yet!” The another belief they have that they are still learning about the things and that is causing an impact on their career growth.

Fear of Failure

Many of the people who were being interviewed shared that they did not take action on most of the thoughts because they felt that it may fail and can affect their career growth. Some of the beliefs also came from their past experiences as well. But, most of them were because they didn’t want to take “Risk of Failure” in their career. Some of them even shared that they continued with “not-so-good” practices despite knowing better practices because they didn’t want to take responsibility of failure of those practices.

Fear of Rejection

“What if I give my valuable time to my next big thing and my customers don’t like it?” Some the people also shared that they don’t share good ideas to their seniors just to avoid rejection.

Fear of being Obsolete

This belief was mostly seen in the people with a fairly amount of experience. They felt that they are not able to cope up with the speed of evolution in their respective domains. Some of them even blamed the IT advancement in their fields for the same.

“Prep-talk” from nears & dears

This was generally found in the younger generations. They shared on how they wanted to be in different domain/take some more risks in their current domain but stopped as per the advice of their seniors, “mentors”, close friends , family members (mostly parents).

These were the main beliefs which we have got during our conversation. What are your thoughts? What are your beliefs that you believe that impacts your work? Share with us in the comments below.

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