About Us

Innovative Jumbo is a team of people who never settle for “Good Enough”. We keep on doing our researches, following out of the box strategies, messing with best platforms to make them better!

We, at Innovative Jumbo have a mission to fulfill: To make the Future Generations of India get ready for their Industries, right after their college. So, statistically speaking, we want to empower 3,45,84,781 college students to be Industry ready right after their college education. While the goal is too big to be accomplished just by us, we are creating “Education Partners” with us to get this mission fulfilled.

So, to make this mission get successful, Innovative Jumbo has now tied up with a leading marketing agency, Crescent Cyber Tech to make sure that the courses can reach to the right student.

Alongwith these professional activities, we are also into the mission of Community service of Ekam Sessions for schools and other not-for-profit educational programs.