We are moving towards progress at a great speed. But, in a hurry to reach our destination, we often forget to answer some of the most important questions. Like, Why are we running? When to run and rest? Which is the best way for me to reach there? How important is it to reach there? What cost we need to pay to reach there? Can we really afford the cost?

We at Innovative Jumbo, help students and people to inquire these questions, and prepare them for the adventurous journey of professional life.

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We are currently in the process of converting Innovative Jumbo into a Section-8 Company and starting our services from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Our Services


Unique set of 10+ sessions to help students find their right career.

Ekam Programs

Self-sustaining Career Programs for schools.

Digital Empowerment

Empowering the MSME sectors in Digitalization.

Open Source Contribution

Contributing to open source software for Indian markets requirements.

Group Meetups

Corporate Meetups aimed for sharpening skills and networking.

Education Loan

Education Loans at 0% interest for school students.

About Us

We, at Innovative Jumbo have a mission to fulfill: To make the Future Generations of India ready for their Industries, right after their college.

By Future Generations we mean 3.5 crore students passing from the college every year.

We are looking for leaders to join us in this mission. Contact us here.

Students Reached in 2018: 500
Programs done in 2018: 6
Avg. Rating of Programs : 4.3/5
Volunteers Involved: 15
Conducted with Heart & Soul: 100%

Blogs & Updates

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